Bjorn Seiz – A renowned entrepreneur with a robust foothold in the investment industry

He is a resounding entrepreneur, investor and advisor, with exceptional skills in cryptocurrency.

29 year old Swiss born Bjorn Siez, popularly known as O5O, is this young entrepreneur and investment advisor who is leading the space of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and bitcoins. His venture sweeped in a mind boggling amount of $4.2 billion within 18 months of its commencement. At present, his predictions in the market beats the bull’s eye and he is embodied as one of the legendary investors of all time. Bjorn has an intriguing success story, his story dates back to the time when he started chasing his dream of turning into a successful entrepreneur. Back in those days entrepreneurship was not looked upon or appreciated the way it is in present times, still he went against the tide to achieve his goals. He began his journey into the business world by importing clothes and reselling them on various online platforms, simultaneously working as an intern with a bank, which helped him a lot to give that much required push to launch his foremost venture. Unfortunately, this venture which was based on investment winded up due to lack of expertise and left Bjorn
with a huge debt of half-million dollars. Nonetheless, this young man was unstoppable and he kept on battling to finally transform his failure into astounding success. Today, his organization holds a market capitalization of more than $4.3 billion.

Bjorn strongly encourages all budding entrepreneurs to invest their money rather than saving. He holds a vision of aiding other entrepreneurs in stroking extraordinary success in their lives. His sharp eye in the investment market is never doubted, for him getting featured in magazines like Forbes, Entrepreneur and Times Magazine is enough proof of it. Bjorn believes that being in the money market is a tough job but its spectacular results stand out of everything in the end. He is expanding his royalty in many things like fashion, sports etc. “To fondle success in your lives there can be no better option than investing, let money make money for you.” states Bjorn. Perhaps there is no one better than him to advise young minds in the game of investing, we bet!

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