Biography of Tara Moheb

Tara Moheb (Tahereh Mohabeli) Born on 1987 January 11 in Tehran

Bachelor of Business Economics from the University of Tehran south branch


(Introduction to Business Economics by Tara Moheb)

Business economics is one of the applied branches of economics in which the student gets acquainted with the descriptive and analytical aspects of production management, marketing management and its applications, tax laws and regulations in Iran, types of auditing and accounting principles.

(Tara Moheb’s explanation about the employment status of the bachelor of business economics)

Perhaps in Iran, it is rare to find a person who has a degree in economics and works in the same field.  In other words, most undergraduate economics graduates either enter graduate school or the job they find is not directly related to their field of study.

(Several jobs related to business economics by Tara Moheb)

Here are some jobs that are relatively related to the field and perhaps employ most economics graduates:

Bank Employee Head of Bank (After Gaining Experience) Customs Expert Financial Analyst (and Economic) Accountant Expert Economic Researcher / Training Director Journalist Market Research Expert (Economic Reporter