Biography and beliefs of Saeed Souzangar, a famous Iranian entrepreneur

Saeed Souzangar is the founder of the Sefid Foundation, decentralized autonomous organization with the aim of spreading peace, supporting independent artists and their works, addressing social injustice through collective public awareness and providing all forms of technological infrastructure support for organizations that focus on citizenship rights, social injustice, poverty reduction and provision of education.

It is Saeed’s belief that governments and ruling parties only support artists and their works that are in line with the government’s goals and independent artists are not supported. A single piece of art produced by an independent artist that speaks the truth is sometimes worth more than a hundred books or billions of dollars and must be displayed to showcase the might of virtue and righteousness.

Saeed Souzangar is applying all the capabilities of the Sefid Foundation for the provision of technical knowhow and experience to influential organizations such as UNESCO, UNICEF, UNIDO and other organizations in Iran to help them in achieving their missions and goals.