‘Bigg Boss 16’ Party Scoop: Shalin Bhanot and Sumbul Touqeer acted strangely around one other

The Bigg Boss 16 party a few nights ago was not that exciting. Most of the candidates had little to no comradery, but Sumbul Touqeer and Shalin Bhanot’s icy demeanour stood out to us the most.

Yet, there is more than simply the image that was placed on our table, er, ears. According to a reliable source, Shalin Bhanot is a finished story for Sumbul. The source said, “She realised this in the programme itself and she just doesn’t want to deal with him at all.

the source was added, “Even at the celebration, people were whispering in hushed tones about Shalin and Sumbul’s cold vibes. Although they may have said the conventional “Hello,” they acted awkwardly around each other the entire party. How are you, Hash Kangan?”

At the start of “Bigg Boss 16,” Shalin and Sumbul got along well. However, after a few misunderstandings, Sumbul in particular made the decision to fully distance herself from Shalin.

For those who just joined us, Shalin’s romance with Tina Datta also ended. When it appeared that they were starting to fall in love, all of a sudden they started to have major disagreements that persisted until the end of the show.