Best ways to overcome failure and self doubt

“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” -William Shakespeare

Author of the Award-Winning Book “The Authorities”, Kirk Jakesta, grew up in the after math of the residential school system which continues to haunt the Indigenous people throughout all generations. Kirk has faced many hardships in life and has even witnessed drug and alcohol abuse first hand. Today he inspires the youth and offers hope for a better life to anyone who needs it.

Kirk overcame his failures in life through self belief and self motivation. He always thrived to do more and work harder than yesterday. Unfortunately, at the very young age of 16, Kirk learned about the horror stories of sexual assaults that his peers and loved ones endured. He eventually fell into the cycle too and started selling drugs to make extra money to help provide for himself and his family and to live the party life he thought was what life was all about.

One day during one of his drug exchanges, he realized the seriousness of what he was doing and that is when he turned his life around and dedicated it to inspiring Indigenous people across North America. Kirk went to school at Vancouver Island university and took a trade course in automotive. However soon he realised it was not for him and transitioned to building houses as a framer for sometime.

In 5 years time working for various different companies, with the same goal in mind he brought his dream of becoming a heavy equipment operator to fruition. Through the years he motivated himself to do more and published “The Authorities”, a life changing book. Kirk is now an award winning published author, inspirational speaker, visionary and the CEO and Founder of a Digital Marketing Agency Bud Nation Agency.

His goal is to inspire and to create change by changing mindsets and influencing positive actions. He claims, ‘I would love to network with other professionals, indigenous people orthose who love to work with indigenous people to speak and inspire as well as start businesses to better advance our people out of the Stereotype we are labeled under’.

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