Benjamin Herzog’s Story Of Being An Entrepreneur At 23, Says “Never Rely Only On One Business Venture”

Very few people take the risk of getting out of their comfort zone and start something of their own. Building a brand or a business requires a lot of investment, not just financially but physically as well as mentally. Starting from scratch and learning from mistakes is what teaches you the most while you become an entrepreneur. Showing commitment towards work and working hard towards building his own empire, Benjamin Herzog took the route of entrepreneurship at an early age. Based in Austria, the 23-year old entrepreneur was raised in Klagenfurt.

However, after completing high school, Herzog migrated to Sydney to learn graphic designing for a time of 6 months. After finishing his course, he involved himself in the establishment of various companies. He first joined the foundation of Tea Time, a company where he got to learn things about entrepreneurship. After learning things and gaining experience, he involved himself in not one but multiple businesses. “Never rely only on one business venture. There should be multiple sources of income to be a successful entrepreneur“, said Benjamin.

In January 2018, the young man invested in Avintex GmbH, the second-largest cloud mining providers in Austria. The second project he took up was in August 2018 for Viva Payment Solutions. The same year in October, he established PhoneX Pay, now known by the name Transfera. In August 2019, he even founded EXW Wallet and this year Benjamin is already planning to venture into real estate. “Business has taught me one simple rule. Higher the risk, higher the profits. Take calculated risks to make the right investments“, he added. Apart from this, Benjamin Herzog also aims to launch his fashion brand ‘Understatement‘ soon.

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