Benjamin Herzog Sets His Throne In The Entrepreneurial World At A Very Young Age Of 23

Benjamin Herzog Sets His Throne In The Entrepreneurial World At A Very Young Age Of 23

Starting a business venture is not an easy task. Right from having investors, getting proper management, it requires a hell lot of work to build a business model. In today’s time, many young people have started their journey as entrepreneurs and it is a big thing in itself. With sheer commitment comes innovative ideas which are essential to building a business. An entrepreneur who is shaping up the world with the trial and error method in his work is the 23-year old Benjamin Herzog. Based in Europe, Herzog was born and brought up in Klagenfurt.

At a very early age, he decided to start something of his own. After high school, Benjamin flew to Sydney to study graphic designing for 6 months. However, after completing his course, the young man started involving himself in the establishment of many companies. His first foundation of a company was for ‘Tea Time‘, an online and offline tea distribution platform. In January 2018, he founded Avintex GmbH – the second largest cloud mining providers in Austria today. Learning the fundamentals of online and offline trading in 2016 saw Herzog invest in a lot of capital in Avintex GmbH. The investment turned out to be a profitable venture for the entrepreneur.

However, he left the company in September 2018 to build the foundation of Viva Payment Solutions – a company known for the development of digital payment methods. In the same year, Benjamin ventured into the foundation of PhoneX Pay, now known by the name Transfera. His last venture was in EXW Wallet which Mr. Herzog founded in August 2019. His plan for 2020 is to establish a real estate company which will majorly deal in purchasing of properties. Besides this, his luxury fashion brand ‘Understatement‘ will also be launched soon. Benjamin Herzog has involved himself in multiple businesses which have made him one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Europe and Austria today.

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