Bangladesh Independence Day 2020 Celebrate To Google Doodle

Bangladesh Independence Day 2020 Celebrate To Google Doodle

Home to the Sundarbans (the world’s biggest mangrove woods), just as Cox’s Bazar (the world’s longest stretch of sea shore), the People’s Republic of Bangladesh praises its autonomy today.

A self-sufficient republic, the country previously known as East Pakistan, became Bangladesh 49 years back. The nation at that point embraced the Shapla or water lily, portrayed in the Doodle work of art, as its national symbol and blossom.

Out of appreciation for the nation’s opportunity, the Bangladeshi banner gladly flies on a large number of its structures. Highlighting a red plate against a green setting, the banner of Bangladesh speaks to the sun ascending the country over plenteous vegetation and characteristic magnificence.

Happy Independence Day, Bangladesh!

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