Baahubali 2’s box office record is expected to be broken by Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan, making it the biggest non-holiday debut ever

Every trade expert and exhibitor is rarely happy and upbeat, especially in the wake of a pandemic. But because of Pathaan, the enthusiasm has never been higher. Although the advance has hardly begun, everyone we spoke to is optimistic that the Shah Rukh Khan-starring film will have a strong opening weekend on January 25.

Trade expert Taran Adarsh predicted that Pathaan’s first day would be significant. Everything is lined up for an amazing, earth-shattering opening. Day 1’s results will surprise you in a good way. People will receive a zap. No movie in recent memory has been able to create the kind of mania that this one has. KGF – Chapter 2 is the last movie of this type I can recall (2022). Even War (2019) was so exciting, compared to how War se zyada mania is now.

He continued, “I anticipate a day 1 revenue of at least Rs. 40 crore.” Depending on the amount of screens and the shows, it may go even further.

“I anticipate a day 1 revenue of at least Rs. 40 crore,” he stated. It might go even further depending on the number of screens and the shows.

The film business wants this project to succeed, Taran Adarsh concluded in his closing remarks. The emotions move so slowly. 2022 was a terrible year. Everything is entwined in a cycle. It will ultimately come down to the content if this movie is to make those figures, and I have no doubt that it will.