Ayurvedic diet: Here’s what you can eat this winter to survive the cold

Diet assumes a fundamental role in staying fit and for the body to adapt to changes in climate. Legitimate supplements and nutrients in your body are the critical components for battling sicknesses and the normal cold, flu, infections during the winter.

Following an Ayurvedic diet resembles managing illnesses in the conventional manner. Going old and conventional is prudent and more normal for the body to beat the virus. In Ayurveda, each season is related with a dosha that is spring with Kapha, summer with Pitta and fall and winter with Vaata.

Winter prompts dullness, pale skin, cold feet, cough and cold. Your body is defenseless at this of the year and inclined to contracting savage infections. With the progressing pandemic and the Coronavirus, Ayurveda is a stage to improving your body’s general wellbeing and boosting resistance.

Following an Ayurvedic diet will assist with keeping up your body’s invulnerability and give you a lift to build the body’s internal quality while additionally zeroing in on your psychological well-being.

The digestive system, luckily, is acceptable during this season paying little heed to what you eat. While meditation and yoga are basic way of life changes in winter while following the Ayurveda theory, certain foods are additionally imperative to survive the cold.

Eat occasional vegetables

Remember green and verdant vegetables for your eating routine. Eat occasional produce like broccoli, spinach, kale and amaranth greens.

Turmeric milk

Turmeric milk is extraordinary for lessening irritation. It helps insusceptibility, it is useful for the skin and brings down glucose levels. It creates heat in your body that is fundamental to keep warm during winter.

Ajwain water (carom water)

Alongside having different medical advantages, it is useful for your stomach related framework. It helps clear your stomach and can be utilized as a zest in dishes too.

Use spices in dishes

Indian food is stacked with flavors and you can add these flavors as key fixings to your dishes like salt, cinnamon, cumin, dark pepper, cardamom, clove, basil, ginger, nutmeg, fenugreek, saffron and thyme.

Drink warm water

Drinking tepid water eliminates microbes in your throat, it keeps from getting a disease and keeps your body warm and invulnerability solid.


Increment your ghee intake and add ghee to your suppers. This produces heat in your body, it has calming properties and comprises of fat solvent nutrients.

Warm soup

Add more soups to your dinners. You can have warm stocks and stews that are soothing also.

Add sweet, sour and salty foods

To keep Vaata in balance, avoid bitter and pungent foods. Add sweet, acrid and salty foods. Carrot and sweet potato are a decent expansion to your diet.