Ayurvedic Diabetes Diet Tips: 5 Medicinal Leaves To Naturally Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

5 Medical Leaves For Blood Sugar Level

It’s critical for diabetics to maintain blood sugar levels for their general health. Some medicinal herbs, nevertheless, can help control it since they naturally keep the blood sugar levels stable. Many health benefits found in bitter gourd, curry, neem, fenugreek, and guava leaves support insulin sensitivity, control blood sugar, and improve general health.

Bitter Melon Leaves

Bitter gourd, also referred to as “karela” or bitter melon, is a highly recommended food to maintain high blood sugar levels because its leaves contain polypeptide-p and Charantin, which can raise your glucose tolerance and lower blood sugar levels. Uses: They can be mixed into tea. You can use them to make smoothies or juice.

Fenugreek Leaves

Because soluble fibre in fenugreek leaves helps to reduce stomach absorption of sugar and increases the synthesis of insulin, it can significantly lower blood sugar levels. How to Apply: Fenugreek leaves can be boiled in water to make a tea. Fenugreek leaves are another option for the salad.

Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are used in many Indian recipes, particularly those from the south, like sambhar and coconut chutney. Curry leaves also aid to keep diabetes levels stable. It has substances and antioxidants that lower blood sugar levels and improve insulin action. How to Use: You can add it recipes to enhance the flavour and keep you healthy Chewing it on an empty stomach is possible.

Neem Leaves

One of the best medicinal leaves, neem lowers blood sugar levels and has many other health advantages. Triterpenoids, glycosides, and flavonoids found in these leaves improve insulin sensitivity and reduce the absorption of glucose, which helps control blood sugar levels. How to Use: The leaves can be dried and added to tea. Leaves of neem can be consumed by combining them with water.

Guava Leaves

Due to their high content of dietary fibre and substances that lessen the absorption of carbohydrates and lower blood sugar levels, guava leaves are beneficial for diabetics. How to Use: To prepare tea, boil guava leaves in water. For best effects, drink this tea frequently.