Author, Lawyer, and Local Community Leader Greg Gantt – Helping and Guiding People through the Complexities of Legal Practice

Studying in an academic discipline and working in a profession provides adequate knowledge, expertise, and experience to people for excelling in their respective fields. Education provides the necessary concepts, knowledge, and understanding for a particular subject or discipline and prepares students for the professional arena. However, working in a profession enables people to acquire the skills, expertise, and experiences necessary for excelling in their fields while employing their maximum potential. Experience usually trumps education in many circumstances because it provides the prerequisite skills and expertise required for working efficiently rather than relying on educational concepts. However, an adequate balance between academics and professional experience is vital for achieving goals in any profession and allows field practitioners to reach the pinnacle of success. Many experts also reach a point in their occupations where they lead and guide others in their fields or other unrelated individuals in professional matters due to their vast experience.

The practice of law also requires significant academic and professional experience to perform effectively and achieve desired outcomes. Lawyers must possess excellent knowledge of the law and experience in various case types and practices to represent their clients effectively. Adequate knowledge and experience are essential for maneuvering legal practice complexities and overcoming obstacles. Some experts in the field excel in legal practice while guiding their peers and non-lawyers in various legal matters due to their expertise and experience. Gregory M. Gantt is one such individual with ample experience in the legal field and a passion for helping others understand legal complexities. Greg Gantt is an American lawyer, community leader, and author of the Order in the Court book. Gantt authored the book after gaining vast experience in legal practice and working on diverse cases in various categories.

Greg Gantt is a native of the Dayton community in the Miami Valley in Ohio and a prominent leader in his local community. Gregory Michael Gantt was born on June 16, 1966, in Dayton, Ohio, and completed his early education in Dayton. Gantt is devoted to his hometown and local community because he spent his childhood and youth in Dayton. Gantt completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from the University of Dayton in 1988. He started his professional career in 1988 as a district office manager in the Bureau of Census in the United States Department of Commerce, supervising over 750 employees and overseeing a million-dollar budget. Gantt joined the Montgomery County Auditor’s Office in the Deeds Transfers and Weights and Measurers Division as a director in 1991. He shifted his focus to developing a law career by getting a university degree and obtaining the prerequisite bar memberships.

Gantt started studying at the Thomas M. Cooley Law School at Western Michigan University to pursue a legal education in 1991. He completed his Juris Doctor studies in law from the university in 1994. Gantt received his bar admissions in the Supreme Court of Ohio in January 1995 and in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio in June of the same year. He started his legal career by handling several cases and representing clients while working with Allbery Cross Fogarty, where he eventually became a partner. Gantt joined the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court and received the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court Day Award in 1999. He later joined the Montgomery County Juvenile Court as an acting magistrate in 2000. Gantt also serves as an acting Judge in the Oakwood Municipal Court and assumed the role of the Commissioner of the Ohio Legal Rights Services Commission in 2005. In 2012, he became the Chairperson of the Ohio Unemployment Compensation Review Commission, an independent administrative agency that resolves unemployment compensation disputes.

Greg Gantt served in various leadership capacities in the legal field while guiding and supporting people and organizations in the local community. He started his namesake law firm in 2011 to represent individual and corporate clients while offering his services as an attorney. Gantt is the President of his law firm, which represents and helps clients in the Dayton community in several cases. The law firm helps corporate clients in various business transaction cases, including formations, mergers, corporate dissolutions, and contract disputes. Gantt and his law firm also represent individual clients in criminal defense, estate planning, civil litigation, personal injury, and probate matters. Gantt accumulated an experience of over 27 years during his legal career while representing individual and corporate clients in various highly demanding cases. The experience enabled Gantt to author a unique book, “Order in the Court,” to help and guide lawyers and non-lawyers to navigate the complexities of legal practice.