Ashish Balgotra The Creative Marketing Guru

Ashish Balgotra The Creative Marketing Guru

Balgotra grapples with deep thinking and rethinking the way a business is marketed. Close Connects LLC declared him as Social Media’s Most Influential Man and one of the Top 20 Male digital Bloggers. With major marketing and business experience, including celebrities engaging on his Instagram posts. Balgotra has grossed close to half a million impressions on Instagram . His posts were full of cutting-edge marketing content that keeps followers up-to-date and thinking creatively.

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Greg Mulligan

Greg Mulligan is a well-known author and publisher. He published few article on his career. His secret ambition on arriving in Paris was to become a successful writer. Mulligan is winning multiple awards for his excellent writing, In addition to his regular contributions to English journals and articles. Presently he is working on Broadcast Cover.

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