As World-Famous Ambubachi Festival concludes Kamakhya Temple opens its doors for devotees

After the finish of the four-day Ambubachi celebration, the doors of the Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati were at long last opened for the devotees on Sunday. It is accepted that the god at the temple goes through her yearly monthly cycle during these four days.

Kamakhya Temple is viewed as one of the 52 Shakti peethas. With the finish of the celebration, the four-day mela likewise came to a nearby. Quite, devotees were permitted to partake in the mela after very nearly two years. Among the first devotees who visited the temple on Sunday include Governor Jagdish Mukhi and his better half.

“I alongside the First Lady offered our prayers and respect to Maa #Kamakhya at the culmination of pious #AmbubachiMela. We appealed to God for the happiness and welfare of people of the State. May the divine blessings of Maa bring peace, success and bliss in everybody’s life,” the governor tweeted.

As per convictions, the supporting and female energies of the goddess are transmitted to the devotees in these four days. Devotees don’t offer their puja on these three days. After the finish of the third day, the pind is bathed for the purification of the goddess after the menstrual cycle. After this the standard puja is finished, trailed by theopening of the doors for the public.

Large number of devotees and monks from a few pieces of the country who have visited the temple over the most recent four days held up in lengthy lines since morning to pay deference to the goddess.

As indicated by authorities, the temple has stop making VIP passes for some time to help all devotees visit Kamakhya temple.

It could be noticed that the Ambubachi celebration is connected to the faith in a richness faction. This celebration is the main occasion of the temple consistently. Consistently in excess of 25 lakh guests from India and abroad visit the temple during the celebration.