Artist SR.Gent: The man behind hit song Get Loose & talent platform The Independent Grind

Lester R. Smith (SR.Gent) is an Entrepreneur, Artist, Songwriter and retired combat veteran who dwells in Orlando, Florida. Hailing from Tucson, Arizona. He served 2 tours in Afghanistan and he had great success on the music scene with the release of his latest hit Get Loose.

SR.Gent has surprised the scene with a number of great singles, Get Loose is one of them. It has now reached more than 200,000 views on Youtube, in addition, Get Loose features Grammy Award-winning artist Constantine, Gutta Tarentino, and other notable artists. Furthermore, Get Loose is also very popular on other streaming platforms such as Spotify. The hit has now also passed 150,000 streams. This is just one of the SR.Gent singles that will be discussed, other hits are No Effort, Leaning, and Soaring.

Besides the fact that SR.Gent is busy as a songwriter, he is also active as an entrepreneur. For example, he recently started the platform ” The Independent Grind ” with which he started a platform. With the Independent Grind, SR.Gent focuses on talented unsigned artists, who cannot find their way in the music industry well. SR. Gent said in an earlier interview: ” I’m glad that I am finally able to help the artist I meet, because I am always running into the most talented people with no guidance on how to actually become the artist they want to be. I just want to help the independent artist get the recognition and revenue they deserve ”. The music industry is a billion dollar market, of which many artists have no idea how to get the most out of it. SR.Gent has gained a lot of experience during his career, which gives him a lot of knowledge. The Independent Grind is a company that will help many talented artists.