Apple TV will eventually stream YouTube in 4K

The Apple TV 4K hasn’t altogether satisfied its name — not when YouTube can’t stream past 1080p on the media center.

When tvOS 14 shows up, in any case, you won’t be kept down. As 9to5Mac saw, Apple has quietly referenced that the new release will play YouTube recordings in “full 4K.”

It’s not sure what incited the conclusion to the years-long impasse, however it likely boils down to an adjustment in video positions.

For a considerable length of time, YouTube has wanted to stream 4K recordings utilizing its open VP9 codec.

Numerous gadget producers have bolstered it, yet Apple has dismissed utilizing the arrangement (which has a lot of patent debates) for innovation like HEVC.

YouTube 4K support on the Apple TV would require one side to embrace the other’s favored video innovation.

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