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Apple declares second yearly Apple Music Awards

Apple today declares the victors of the second yearly Apple Music Awards, perceiving the best and boldest performers of 2020 and their colossal effect on worldwide culture. The Apple Music Awards honor accomplishments in music across five particular classes, and champs are picked through a cycle that reflects both Apple Music’s article point of view and what clients around the globe are cherishing most.

The winners for worldwide Artist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, and Breakthrough Artist of the Year were hand-chosen by Apple Music’s worldwide publication group of top notch specialists and tastemakers, and the honors for Top Song of the Year and Top Album of the Year depend on streaming information that is intelligent of what Apple Music endorsers have been tuning in to this year.

The Apple Music Awards festivity commences Monday, December 14, 2020, with seven days of uncommon exhibitions, fan occasions, meetings, and that’s just the beginning, streaming worldwide on Apple Music, Apple Music TV, and the Apple TV application. Fans who are not effectively bought in to Apple Music can pursue a three-month free preliminary at

“The Apple Music Awards is our opportunity to recognize and honor the incredible artists who we feel have deeply impacted and inspired the world and our customers, and helped us feel connected through music this year,” said Oliver Schusser, Apple’s vice president of Apple Music and Beats. “We have an exciting week of music planned in December and are very much looking forward to celebrating together with these artists and their fans.”

Artist of the Year: Lil Baby

In 2020, Lil Baby completely showed up as one of hip-bounce’s greatest names, with billions of worldwide streams and various tracks from “My Turn” beating the Apple Music graphs. With his profoundly moving and convenient delivery, “The Bigger Picture,” he established his place as the undeniable, bona fide voice of youth culture.

His presentation of the track at Apple Music’s Rap Life Live occasion was in itself a champion snapshot of 2020. Lil Baby has been an interesting voice since his introduction mixtape in 2017 — however 2020 is the year he turned into an unquestionable worldwide star.

Lil Baby said: “This year has changed me a lot. Now that I’m an artist, I feel like my voice can get heard through my music and I needed to say something. And my fans listened. So thank you to my fans and thank you to Apple Music for giving me a special way to connect to my fans.”

Breakthrough Artist of the Year: Megan Thee Stallion

With two No. 1 singles and a profoundly foreseen debut collection in transit, it is sheltered to state Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion is possessing 2020. Her cooperation with Cardi B on “WAP” and with Beyoncé on the “Savage” remix have all things considered been played on Apple Music in excess of 300 million times around the world. The Apple Music Up Next alum is encountering the sort of advancement year that characterizes the qualification, and she is simply beginning.

Megan Thee Stallion said: “I am so excited to be the Breakthrough Artist of the Year. This is a really big accomplishment for me. Apple Music has been rocking with me for so long, even before making me an Up Next artist, and I am just very appreciative and very grateful. I will forever love ya’ll as much as ya’ll love me.”

Songwriter of the Year: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is definitely one of music’s superior and most designed musicians, and “old stories” is no special case. Composed and recorded in seclusion during the initial not many months of the COVID-19 pandemic, “folklore” immediately beat the Apple Music collections diagram and set the precedent for the most streamed pop collection on discharge day. With its contemplative third-individual tales about adoration triangles, phantoms, and injury, “folklore” is a melodious show-stopper.

Taylor Swift said: “Winning Songwriter of the Year in any capacity in any year would be so exciting, but I think it’s really special this particular year because songwriting was the one thing that kept me connected to my fans. It means a lot to me because the way that fans respond to the songs I write, and the emotional exchange, is what has really kept me going this year. So I really want to say thank you to the fans for that, and to everyone at Apple Music, thank you for everything that you do.”

Top Song of the Year: “The Box” by Roddy Ricch

Roddy Ricch’s breakout, “The Box,” was the year’s greatest and most famous single, gathering in excess of 460 million Apple Music streams worldwide to date, dispatching endless images, and fixing the outlines for additional weeks than some other melody in 2020.

Top Album of the Year: “Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial” by Roddy Ricch

Following the achievement of “The Box,” the Compton rapper’s introduction collection, “Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial,” has run up more than 1.5 billion Apple Music streams worldwide since its delivery.

Roddy Ricch said: “My first phone was the iPhone. It’s crazy making music could get me to the point where a platform like Apple could honor me or put me on a pedestal. I just appreciate Apple Music to the farthest extent. Winning this award motivates me to work even harder. This is confirmation that I am on the right track and doing what I gotta do to be the greatest in my own right.”

About the Apple Music Awards

Apple has planned a progression of actual honors that speak to the exceptional craftsmanship essential to making music. Each grant includes Apple’s custom silicon wafer suspended between a cleaned sheet of glass and a machined and anodized aluminum body. The consequence of this multi-month measure, before it is cut into several individual chips, is staggering and unmistakable. In a representative motion, similar chips which power the gadgets that put the world’s music readily available sit at the very heart of the Apple Music Awards.

About Apple Music

Apple loves music. With iPod and iTunes, Apple upset the music experience by placing 1,000 tunes in your pocket. Today, Apple Music takes this to a definitive with more than 70 million tunes, a large number of playlists, and day by day choices from the world’s best music specialists, including the entirety of the craftsmen and hosts broadcasting every day over its Apple Music 1, Apple Music Hits, and Apple Music Country worldwide live streams. Since 2015, Apple Music has invited a huge number of endorsers in 167 nations. Streaming flawlessly to iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Mac, HomePod, and CarPlay, Apple Music is the most complete music experience on earth. Apple Music is likewise accessible on mainstream savvy TVs, brilliant speakers, Android and Windows gadgets, and then some — just as online at

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