Antoine de Bujadoux on How Cinema Can be Harnessed to Inculcate Positive Change Globally

Everyone watches films, and this medium of entertainment is only growing. Cinema has the potential to introduce people to new ideas, transform their worldview and even improve them as individuals. Antoine de Bujadoux is a director and screenwriter who is invested in doing good with his short films and enacting social change through his works.

Antoine has created a large selection of short films and advertisements. One of his most recent projects was a pair of humorous ads that educated men about prostate and testicular cancer. The spots went viral in France and prompted many men to go into their doctors to get screened for cancer. “I use humor in my work to discuss difficult topics,” Antoine said. “I believe people are more likely to respond to this approach and listen to what you have to say. People generally don’t like to be preached to in a film.” de Bujadoux’s films often feature marginalized people and bring them to the front of the discussion. He directed the film Off Track in 2017 that features a dropout dealing with personal loss. “I think cinema can unify people globally. You can educate them in a subtle way and teach them about groups of people they may not have encountered.” He urges other filmmakers to follow in his footsteps and bring about change with their art. “Don’t make the same movie over and over again,” he said. “Bring in new elements and don’t be afraid to make your audience a little bit uncomfortable.”

de Bujadoux’s films have been showcased at a number of notable festivals, including the Sacramento French Film Festival, New Haven International Film Festival, Festival Off-Courts Trouville, and Oaxaca Film Festival. His father is the famous French composer Yves de Bujadoux, and he introduced Antoine to a large number of people in the arts. “As a family, we spent our holidays with famous French actor Gérard Jugnot, and from the time I met him, I knew I wanted to be a director. The artform was always for me.”

Movies are a way for us to experience a story with our friends and family. Whether people know it or not, movies can alter the way they think, and Antoine de Bujadouxalways sets out to do just that with his work.