Andrew Fashion – Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Andrew Thompson, going by his professional name Andrew Fashion, has a knack for the business world.  He started as an entrepreneur back in the 6th grade selling soft drinks and shooter pens to his classmates before being shut down by teachers and administration.

By the time he entered high school, he had started a second business IS2S, I Skate To Skate, and sold t-shirts, boards and had sponsored a local skate team as well.

It was not until Andrew discovered the world of coding, computers and a small social media phenomenon called Myspace.  Andrew created the first Myspace editor,

The site was an overnight sensation.  His income jumped from a few hundred dollars a day to 10 thousand dollars a day – virtually overnight.  He became a millionaire at age 18.  An impressive feat for any 18 years old, especially one who dropped out of high school without taking a diploma.

He switched his interests to a new concept of cryptocurrency and its biggest unit of currency, the Bitcoin.  He made a modest investment of around $10,000.00 turn into 3 million.

He was instrumental in raising over 1.7 million dollars for another app, Evolve.  Evolve also marked the first time Andrew found a partner.  The app had backing from people like Jessica Alba and a hugely popular Instagram influencer, Sommer Ray.  Eventually, the desire for being independent and working on his own passions took over, and Andrew walked away from Evolve.

Now, Andrew is living in Los Angeles.  He spends his days working on a new project for serious travel enthusiasts and adventurers who are seeking the next best thing.  The app, Gypsee, is set to revolutionize the way travel is done.  For now, he is fairly hush-hush on details, but those are forthcoming.

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