An insight into the life of the flourishing and up-coming entrepreneur, Mohammad Zaid Khalid

It is highly motivating and inspirational when we come across stories of self-made, humble and grounded successful people, people who has gone through the struggles of life and came out the other side victorious. Mohammad Zaid Khalid is such a business man who has now become an esteemed and prestigious name in the real estate industry. A majority of us tend to hold our ideas back due to the apprehensions and fears that come with laying the foundation of a something new but stories like that of Zaid are the ones that give us the faith to go ahead with our dreams. He looked up to making big of his life since he was a child and today, he is a successful businessman. He has traversed through the path of his dreams whilst ticking off the check boxes on his bucket list.

The foundation of Zaid’s business was laid with the help of his extremely supportive and thoughtful father, Abdul Khalid. He used that money for his initial investments which were made after extensive analysis and according to the industry patterns. The profits from one investment was put into bigger investments and brick by brick he built his image in the market and made his position stronger and stronger. Today his company has a respectable reputation in the industry. After all this he has stayed true to his roots and is a true helper of the poor and underprivileged people. He takes care of financial needs to fund one’s education, medical needs or marriage ceremonies of as many people he can and goes out of his ways to help in every way possible. He believes it is his goodwill and blessings of these people that help him grow spiritually.

When thinking about his childhood, Zaid remembers that he wanted to begin his journey in the industry as soon as he completed his schooling. Back then his parents made him realise how important one’s education is especially when one comes from a small town like Prayagraj and has the family background of farmers and dairymen. He understood his parent’s concerns and he completed his graduation from Dayal Singh College, Delhi University and went onto work in his family’s dairy. He understood how a professional environment works and this was his first work experience in many ways. Through his har work he took the dairy to great heights and helped his father achieve greater profits. Today his business has been expanding every day and he continues to stay in the game, learning new market strategies.