Amar Patel, The King of Dietary & Health Business Who Only Aims To Provide Quality Products To People

Amar Patel, The King of Dietary & Health Business Who Only Aims To Provide Quality Products To People

Being an entrepreneur is not just about starting a business, promoting it and making strategies for profit. It is extremely important to leave an impact with your work and build trust with consumers. Especially if you are in a business that caters for food habits and health, you have to be considerate and careful about what you are selling. These are some essential points that Amar Patel was always aware of. That’s why he is one of the best in India today in the dietary business industry.

Amar Patel is a name that comes to people’s mind when one mentions quality supplements full of vital vitamins, nutrients and proteins. Patel started this venture almost 10 years ago and it has achieved high feats so far. Every year, his venture shows excellent growth that boosts his confidence to keep going on. As someone who himself is a fitness enthusiast and takes nutrition supplements, he understands the needs and requirements of people and how to maintain credibility with the best products.

While supplying dietary products is his core business, during the pandemic, entrepreneur Amar Patel proved of great help to the medical industry. Last year, people became extra cautious about their health and body. Hence, there was a rise in demand for healthy food and other important medicinal products. So, Patel’s company stocked up masks, face shields, sanitisers and many nutrition supplements that his consumers had ordered. A lot of these products help in building strong immunity and that is what we all need the most to fight COVID-19.

The rise in demand helped Amar Patel’s company to witness tremendous growth in just one week of March with 415% profit. It continued till the year-end. Even this year, the demands are high and so far, the profit is at 160%. About the trust people have in his products and the thriving of his business, Patel says, “When I started this business of dietary products, my main motto was, to be honest with my products. This is a competitive market and I realised when I started working in it. But I know, if you gave the best to people, more will be drawn to you. It is all about understanding what costumers want rather than what you want as a businessman. Once you crack that shell of satisfying your buyers, profits and financial growth happen eventually.”

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