Alisha Gory: From being flat-broke to establishing herself as a leading authority in the tattoo industry

People tell you how difficult following your passions can be, and most times you don’t believe them, until you’re in it and find out it’s worse than they told you. Alisha Gory has experienced what it means to struggle to get your business off the ground.

Born in South Korea, her passion for art and tattoos isn’t exactly the standard norm in the country. As a result, she didn’t have support from those around her, but she decided to follow her passion anyway.

Being a young girl moving to the US from South Korea with no support was a huge struggle for her. She didn’t have a job and was stranded in a new place, but her determination to realize her dream of seeing her art on live canvases kept her moving.

Getting started in the industry meant many unpaid hours doing the work no one else wanted to do, and she worked odd jobs to pay her rent. But it paid off, as tattooing has now become her main source of income. Being a tattoo artist and having tattoos are viewed as taboo in South Korea. She is, however, determined to break the beauty standards set in the country and for women.

Being in the US has allowed Alisha to pursue her dream and begin to make steps towards breaking the norms. She is empowering women to embrace their authentic beauty, choose what beauty means to them, and break free from set standards that society views as acceptable.

Being in the tattoo industry, Alisha has learned a lot about both art and beauty. She has embraced who she is, even if that doesn’t fit into what everyone wants for her back home. Alisha says that living life on her own terms is the only way she can be her authentic self and build on her creativity.

Even though she went through rough patches to get where she is in the tattoo industry now, she would do it over again in a heartbeat, as it’s given her the freedom to express herself. The struggles she has faced have seasoned her to become a recognized tattoo artist who has featured in Inked magazine.

In addition to following her passion, Alisha now enjoys the freedom to work anywhere in the world and set her schedule. She is grateful to have her art pieces on her client’s beautiful bodies where it’ll remain for the rest of their lives.

“Your dream should always be bigger than your fear,” says Alisha. “It is the only way to get through the mounds of challenges you’ll face.”