Ali Kavousi expert opinion about the style of pop music

Ali Kavousi is a musician and DJ specializing in pop music, who was born in Iran and has been working professionally for more than 10 years. Pop is usually defined as music produced commercially or for financial gain. According to Simon Frith, a music critic and sociologist who specializes in popular music, pop music is known more as an industry than an art. Of course, this music can also be interpreted in terms of market, ideology, production and aesthetics. In fact, pop is designed to be “interesting to everyone” and “doesn’t come from any particular place and isn’t supposed to “apply any particular taste.

Pop music is one of the most beautiful styles in Iran’s music industry, and Ali Kavousi has produced and published very successful music in this style of music. He is one of the best among Iranian pop singers and has been able to gain many fans in this genre. A collection of music styles.

The most successful pop music of Ali Kavousi can be mentioned to the albums “Gorg”, “last meet” and “zhina”, which have been republished by many positive comments from her fans on social networks.