Ali Bahrami Sadatabadi: He says this about pop music

Pop music is a style of popular music and is usually contrasted with and distinct from classical and folk music.

 However, artists in this genre can also work in rock, hip-hop, dance, rhythm and blues (R&B) and country, which makes it a flexible style. The term “pop music” can also refer to a specific sub-genre (within pop) such as soft rock and pop rock.

Pop music is a type of music that is commercially produced and aimed at financial gain. Simon Frith, a music critic and sociologist specializing in popular music, says that pop music is known as an industry, not an art.

Simon Frith Simon Frith says “pop” is designed to be fun for everyone and does not come from anywhere and is not meant to appeal to any particular taste.

This music is not the result of any meaningful desire, and the only ambition of its creators is material gain and reward, and by musical definitions, it is also very conservative.

It started in the 50’s and what is included in this collection is usually attractive to a large group of people.

With the advent of plastic or vinyl records in the 1930s and the advent of compact discs or CDs in the 1980s, recorded music became more accessible than live music.

 Pop songs are usually performed in 3 minutes and use melodies that are usually very audible and

 They attract many people.