Ahmad Rubani: A brilliant singer and the upcoming superstar

Ahmad Rubani: A brilliant singer and the upcoming superstar

Music in itself is the greatest gift God has given to mankind and stands as a dynamic strength in uniting people from all walks of life. Music connects people from diversified creed all over the world, it is comprehensive and global and free for millions. It is susceptible neither by religious nor geographical boundaries. Music heals and revives the hearts of millions through contrasting elements comprising harmony, melody, rhythm, tone, texture and various other things.

For singer and composer Ahmad Rubani, his whole life has been whirling around music. Ahmad Rubani, a bright and aspiring youngster in his mid-twenties was born and fostered in Birmingham. Ahmad Rubani always had a longing for music since when he was 6 years old, singing during his school hours and privately exploring his voice and practising for several hours daily and eventually he engrossed himself in singing old songs, and making remakes.

Getting motivated by several local and international artists, mainly his father being a phenomenal singer, Ahmad has followed his eternal passion for music and has sung songs that were heard by millions of people worldwide. His songs are applauded and praised globally. At the beginning of his career, many a time he would get gigs at charity events, as well as private gatherings with smaller audiences in different parts of the world. He has always sought to release music that deeply connects to him. Ahmad’s uniqueness in thought is reflected in his voice, which made him stand out from all the other singers, eventually bringing him under the limelight. Ahmad was already quite visible in the public eye and he used his social media platforms shrewdly to promote his songs to reach out to millions more.

Ahmad released a streak of hit songs that were quite praiseworthy and were lauded worldwide. His songs, ‘Mere Maula’, ‘Nazara’, ‘Salam un Alayk’ have over millions of views on YouTube and were also played and featured on TikTok, Facebook and other social media platforms. Ahmad has over 6.5k daily listeners on Spotify, and over 30k to 1.5lac listeners of his songs, he has almost 50k followers on his Instagram handle. Ahmad has over 22k subscribers on YouTube- it was not easy for him to reach this point but his hard work, determination and sacrifices from the past years have brought him fame as his art is admired and cherished by millions.

Ahmad Rubani has performed nationally and has also executed cross-continent performances namely in Holland, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia performing live in front of thousands of people. His songs happen to connect the hearts of listeners from all age groups and lifestyles- raising their mood and heightening their emotions to the point where many admit to keeping his songs on loop. People from all over the world acknowledges his music and always keep waiting every single time for his next release.

Ahmad’s optimism towards his career has brought him so far without affecting his mental health, he has never let the criticisms, cynicism and negativities affect his passion. Throughout his journey, he has come through a lot of critics and pessimistic comments but he has faced them with confidence in his abilities and a desire to learn from constructive criticism rather than feel upset at every negative review. Ahmad aspires to travel through different parts of the world and perform for his fans. Ahmad has been grateful towards his fans, for all the love that he has received so far and even his family and friends who have stood beside him through thick and thin. He appreciates every moment of his life wholeheartedly and aspires to come out with better songs every other time.

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