After Sona Mohapatra’s anti-Shehnaaz tweets, Shehnaaz Gill’s supporters make the phrase “evil eyes off Shehnaaz” trend on Twitter

After Sona Mohapatra tweeted negatively about Shehnaaz Gill, her supporters flooded Twitter with 110K tweets, causing the phrase “evil eyes off Shehnaaz Gill” to trend. Sona has come under fire from the public for tweeting that she doesn’t understand Shehnaaz’s skills.

Fans of Shehnaaz Gill flooded Twitter and appeared to launch a campaign against Sona Mohapatra for allegedly making fun of the actor-singer in a recent tweet by posing the question, “What’s her talent”? On Wednesday, followers of Sona were urged to unfollow her by sharing screenshots of her latest tweets and making the phrase “evil eyes off Shehnaaz Gill” trend on Twitter. While others defended Shehnaaz, proclaiming that she was “stronger than you believe” and wanting to shield her “from bad eyes,” others criticised Sona for attacking Shehnaaz without cause.

When some Twitter users questioned why Sona was specifically targeting Shehnaaz because she had defended Sajid, Sona responded, “Dear trolls trying to stand up for yet another starlet like Jacqueline (Fernandez), I don’t know what Shehnaz’s particular talent is as of now, aside from lowbrow reality tv fame. Yet, I am aware of the tactics used by women of convenience, who take the easy way out in exchange for a job or money.

After criticising Shehnaaz Gill, Sona tweeted about “success” a few days later. She recently posted a tweet about “buying PR,” but she avoided naming any specific individuals in it. She said, “Spend some money, time, and effort on getting an education; music teacher, acting coach, voice-dialogue intonation coach, and practise whatever other craft, you want to project as your talent, profession. Success is not defined by “cute, glib rhetoric, sucking up to powerful men, buying PR (public relations), and SM (social media).”