Afrostylicity: Transforming Influencer Marketing One Brand at a Time

The old way of advertising and marketing doesn’t tick any boxes with the modern consumer. We no longer buy a product merely because the company which created it has repeatedly told us how it would enrich our lives. Those days are gone.

Our buying habits are now influenced not by corporations but by our peers. Before we take a well-earned holiday, before we think of treating ourselves to that designer dress or investing in the latest tech, we look for expert opinions to guide and help us with our choices. We look for no-nonsense and in-depth reviews, free of any advertising spiel or marketing fluff. We look for the real deal. And that’s why so many people are turning to spaces like Afrostylicity to guide their purchase power.

The brainchild of Joy Nyargem, Afrostylicity was born in 2016. Its mission statement was simple. In the words of Joy, “I’ve always loved sharing products and services which I have discovered. So I decided to create a digital platform where I could showcase fashion, travel, and lifestyle gems to an audience those brands probably wouldn’t have reached using traditional marketing methods.”

With Nyargem’s natural curiosity, love of blogging, travel, and fashion thrown into the mix, Afrostylicity has grown by leaps and bounds in the last four years.  From what was originally a hobby to share her fashion finds and lifestyle tips with friends, it became a hugely popular platform that has transformed influencer marketing for brands.

“After graduating with a Masters in Business Administration and landing a job in the corporate world, I felt surrounded by people who were launching their own start-ups and making a name for themselves,” explained Joy. “So Afrostylicity was born out of a passion for the things I love and a desire to make it on my own.”

During the early days, Nyargem had to balance the delicate juggling act of managing a full-time job and Afrostylicity. Within the first few months though, Nyargem began receiving emails from brands wanting to get involved with her platform, and she knew she was on the right track. In 2017, Nyargem realized that a male voice would enhance the platform and so husband and business partner Hugh Zei came on board.

Nyargem explains, “My husband, Hugh, and I are the influencers. Connecting brands to consumers. Together, we are the dynamic duo. Our role is simple but incredibly integral to the world in which we all live. We provide our audience with an unbiased and no-holds-barred series of reviews. They are authentic and come from the heart and are not conjured up in some corporate boardroom. We have a responsibility to be completely honest with our audience, and they respect this. “When I collaborate with brands, it’s because I genuinely believe in and love their products and want to help them gain maximum exposure. That way, everyone’s a winner.”