Advantages of Hiring an Online Accountant for Payroll Tasks

Believe it or not, being an accountant guarantees you a wide field of work. SME or large company alike, their skills and knowledge are highly coveted. According to the site compare careers of the IMCO, 93.5% of accountants have a job.

Maybe you think that you do not need online accounting or that it is not a requirement to carry out your activities. Well, you should consider it a little more before discarding this option, since if you are a natural person who provides professional services (that is, freelance), or an entrepreneur who wants to see his business grow, you will get into accounting and tax matters later or early.

Do I need online accounting?

Yes. Depending on the type of tax regime with which you are registered in the Tax Administration System (SAT), you will have certain rights and obligations to fulfill. In the case of freelancers, individuals with business activities and other types of taxpayers, it will be necessary for you to invoice and present your returns regularly, so you need to give importance to your payroll area so that you comply with what the authority asks you.

Will online accounting help me in my work?

Consider the following, according to information from the SAT, there are around 3.5 million freelancers in the registry, which implies that the competition to obtain the best projects and workplaces is high. If the environment is so demanding, nothing better than having the necessary tools to assure the client that both your work and your service are professional.

On the other hand, if you are an entrepreneur, then the accounting area cannot go unnoticed. According to The Failure Institute in the analysis on the failure of companies in London, 3 of the 5 main reasons why a business does not prosper are related to analysis processes, indicators and planning, essential elements that accounting offers you and especially online accountants.

What is the online accounting market like?

Technological development applied to financial services has gained importance in recent years. The Fintech market has grown in London to such a degree that we are already the second largest ecosystem. As for online accounting, there are currently 45 companies that offer this service. However, some are more focused on the billing area and others offer a more comprehensive service, so it is important that you know your accounting needs well and choose the one that suits you best.

What are the benefits of online Payroll services in London?

Unlike the services offered by a payroll services or a private accountant, the platforms allow you to consult and analyze the information of your inputs and outputs at any time and from any device, you only need the internet. In addition, some brands offer advice from a team of expert accountants so that in addition to invoicing or filing your returns, you are up to date on your relationship with the tax authority.

In the case of individuals with business activities, professional services or leasing:

  • Keep your information updated in the Federal Taxpayer Registry.
  • Electronic invoicing (FCDI)
  • Annual, monthly and informative statements.
  • In the event that it is under the Tax Incorporation Regime (RIF), the corresponding bimonthly declarations are made.

For general entities, the online accounting service offers:

  • Trial scales and account catalog.
  • Payroll.

Why is a comprehensive online accounting service convenient for you?

As you have seen, in the Fintech market there is a great offer of digital accounting services. However, those who are dedicated to comprehensive accounting allow you to take advantage of a platform plus expert advice.

You can obtain

Digital platform: Updated and synchronized with the SAT, it allows you to invoice in an unlimited way, as well as access all your movements and obtain reports from them.

Accounting: Instead of having a single accountant, you will have at your disposal a whole team of experts who will take care of all your accounting needs.

Payroll: From the calculation of payroll, taxes and employer worker fees in the Single System of Self-Determination (SUA), to additions and cancellations to social security.

As you can see, the success of your business involves strengthening the accounting area and acquiring the necessary tools to achieve it. Therefore, we recommend you get Mint Accountax services to find the best online accounting option for you.

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