A Strong Social Media Presence is Non-Negotiable for Artists Today, Stresses Joatheplug

Toronto-born, Miami-raised entrepreneur Joetheplug is famous for modern hype musical style and is incorrigible when it comes to marketing his talent in the online space and creating a personal brand. He is sharing some of his ideas on why it is not a choice anymore for artists to invest in building a strong social media and online presence.

A question that artists often asked themselves in 2010 was ‘Is it necessary for me to have a social media presence on channels such as Facebook?’ Today, this is no longer a legitimate question, as the answer is a resounding yes. Few businesses would not benefit from a social media presence. So, with time, the questions that people ask themselves have evolved. The new questions are: “How can I leverage social media channels for my brand?”, “Which social media channels will work the best?” and “How do I build an audience and fan following on these social media channels?” Joetheplug shares some of the steps that artists can undertake to create their profile in social media and realize benefits like never.

Going step by step with social media

Before you start creating a social media strategy, Joetheplug advises artists to evaluate the purpose that their social media profiles will serve. At the awareness stage, artists can use social media channels to increase brand awareness, increase reach and impressions, and build an online community for their brand. Next comes the consideration stage where social media marketing efforts can help you engage with your users, get traffic to your blog where you are writing content that helps you establish thought leadership, or to the landing page of your website you can use various forms of tactics at the consideration stage. So, artists can create interest in their talent or service. Next comes the question of how you create interest in consumers towards your brands. The purchase stage is the third stage in the consumer funnel. When you want to convert fans to consumers of talent where you want to convert your audience to your buyers, so you can increase your revenue, you can reduce your cost per contact at this stage. Many artists do this well by showcasing ads to their audiences on Facebook. Paid Facebook Ads also works very well at times because it will build your audience, you can give your specifics of whom do you want to target with the ad on Facebook. Now, this is what is going to differentiate you from other brands because do remember that social media is a real-time platform. So, what brands can do is have a team walking on a tightrope, answering to each query; each question, each tweet from fans and answering it in the right way to solve the query, not to just retweet it or to create a voice or create noise on that platform. So, artists should try to create advocates, delight their consumers/fans with the speed at which they are solving their problems because if not anything, social media means speed and real-time. So, you can build a loyal fan base by creating repeat consumers. Now, these are the same fans who will give you a shout-out on their platforms, on their handle because they have loved what you have done for them. So social media can be used to build up the fan and follower delight taking them from awareness to consideration to purchase to delight and finally, it can be used for building advocacy.

The Bottom Line

Joetheplug helps artists identify the social media goals for their brand. With this knowledge, they can move forward and establish a presence on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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