A Startling Box Office Performance for Selfie

Bollywood had a bad weekend because Selfiee performed poorly at the box office.

It was anticipated that this southern version would draw viewers, at least in urban areas. All things considered, the movie appeared sophisticated, and its original Malayalam film Driving License has received positive reviews on OTT.

Moreover, Emraan Hashmi has an equal role to play, even though Akshay Kumar stole the show.

Even yet, the 2.55 crore (25 million) opening day numbers were shocking, and even though Saturday and Sunday saw an improvement in attendance, the weekend’s total remains disappointingly low at Rs 11 crore (Rs 110 million).

Since Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar won’t be released until early the next week instead of on Friday to take advantage of the Holi festival, the movie will end up losing under Rs 20 crore (Rs 200 million) from this point on.