A Skilled Engineer From Punjab: Danny Dhillon is Also An Artist

A Skilled Engineer From Punjab: Danny Dhillon is Also An Artist

Danny Dhillon was originally named Gangadeep Singh Dhillon. Currently living in New York, he is truly an Indian by heart and has great respect towards his mother country. Danny is a very skilled man. It is usually very difficult for people to balance their professional and personal life but Danny does it flawlessly and also maintains some other hobbies which have become a daily part of his life like going to the gym, singing, creating content and also making music. Actually, making music has become a very big part of life.

Mr Dhillon is a well established man not only in engineering since he has been working in Infosys for about 9 years now, but also a talented man in the field of music. His love for music has actually led to great things. He now mixes very own music, it all started in 2017 and since then he has grown quite popular among the people. His record label Funky Fox Studios is one of his best creations.

Danny Lowe has some deep rooted interests in music and also some other things. For example he is loved for Satinder Satraj speaks his immense intestinal in music. Satinder Satraj Is actually a Punjabi artist and is quite popular all over India for his lyrics and creations. Now we know that where Danny derives his motivation from and what kind of a person he would like to be as an artist. He says that, “Whenever I am demotivated and do not feel like working hard, I always recall what this life has given me and how much I have achieved by working hard. This is enough to give me an immediate boost of positivity in life so that I can keep on going. I believe that my family members and friends will always stay by my side, including my dedicated fans who uplift me a lot and motivate me to make more music. I also believe that God is always there by my side in each and every step of life. Whatever decisions I take, I keep these things in my mind.”

One must be tempted to look up to Danny as a true role model. There is one more thing that Danny would like to do in his life and that is to make an NGO who helpe out the people in need. Social work is something that does not earn profits but earns a lot of respect.

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