A book that got a lot of attention after it came out!

Books have such the ability to transport us to a place that beckons excitement or peace from our place in a strenuous project or corrosive social relationships.

One of these books by Mr. Ali Dizaei has influenced a lot of people’s lives and attitudes.

In the United Kingdom, Dr. Ali Dizaei joined the Metropolitan Police in 1986. Prior to that, he trained as a barrister and completed an honors degree in law in London.

He rose quickly through the ranks of the police and became the only non-white officer accepted into the Accelerated Promotion Course. He spent two years as a special escort for members of the British Royal family, including the Queen, and worked as a detective in the Department of Criminal Investigation (covert operations).

In 1993, while he was in charge of a town in Oxfordshire, he was promoted to Inspector. He received a rating of exceptional for his performance as commanding officer. He was elevated to the position of chief inspector in the City of Oxford, where he was in charge of counterterrorism, public disorder, and crime. He joined the prestigious Police Staff College Bramshill in the UK in 1997 to teach senior UK police officers about the law and sensitive police operations.

He was made Scotland Yard’s youngest Superintendent in 1999 and became the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Head of Policing Operations. He was in charge of all firearms operations and coordinated the security of 140 Royal Borough embassies.

He received a certificate in 2000 from the previous Home Secretary for his outstanding contribution to policing diverse communities in the UK.

He received outstanding grades in Leadership, Operations Management, and Strategic Thinking when he completed the highly regarded Strategic Command Course for Chief Officers in April 2004.

He was elevated to the position of Chief Superintendent in charge of the Borough of Hounslow and Heathrow in the year 2005. When it comes to dealing with crime and public disorder, the Borough outperformed other Boroughs in the Metropolitan Police system. His efforts to foster community cohesion following the London bombings on July 7, 2006, were mentioned in Dispatches at the British Parliament.

He was in charge of Hammersmith and Fulham Boroughs in 2007, where he oversaw all of the policing efforts for Chelsea, Fulham, and QPR football games. He was in charge of ensuring the safety and security of the 70,000 attendees of the events. His operational leadership was described as “outstanding and exceptional” by Scotland Yard.

He was one of the National Black Police Association’s founding members in the UK, and in 2007, he was elected as its President, representing 15000 black and Asian police officers in the UK. Dr. Dizaei’s track record of challenging right-wing newspapers in court and being a campaigner against racism against people of color in the UK has resulted in him being frequently targeted for negative press in addition to his role as a front-line police officer.

He was made the only non-white Commander at Scotland Yard in March 2008, and he was in charge of the 52 police stations and 6,000 employees in West and North London. He was presented with the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal in August 2008 by Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Blair. He left the police force in 2010 after he was falsely accused of making an arrest while on duty. As CEO of Covert Security Limited and a consultant for a number of reputable UK law firms, he advises on high-profile cases.

Dr. Dizaei has advised senior police officers and governments on policing operations and has made numerous trips to Dubai, Canada, Europe, and the United States. Numerous documentaries and films have focused on him because of his accomplishments as a British-Muslim. He was named one of the ten most successful professionals in the world in a recent survey of Middle Eastern expats. On Facebook, 41,000 people follow him.

He is also an author, having published Not One Of Us and Crossing The Red Line, both of which became bestsellers.