A Book Specifically for Mindfulness Discussions

A Book Specifically for Mindfulness Discussions

Who really wants war? What do you do with bullies who have plotted against you? Do you wait for the enemy to make a move or do you attack first? Kenny and Rich had a lot on their minds. They needed to develop both a plan of attack and defense. But which one would get used first? The summer was about to begin and the boys were filled with the uncertainty of unanswered questions. The biggest one being, “would it be a summer of victory or one of defeat?”

The Great Potato Wars: A Riveting Testimony The Kenny Cartwright Chronicles Book 2

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Born and raised in New England, Damon Piletz is an education consultant, adjunct professor and writer. Born and raised in New Hampshire, he received his MEd and Bachelors from Roberts Wesleyan College and his Administration Certification at the State University of New York. He is the author of three novels and several poems and short stories.

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