5 Summertime Veggies To Stay Hydrated And Healthy

Elevated temperatures throughout the summer months can result in heat-related ailments such as heat exhaustion and dehydration. In order to keep cool and healthy, it’s critical to pay attention to your food and include specific veggies, as improper nutrition might exacerbate these concerns.

Consuming a lot of salad veggies may help prevent disease. Vegetables high in nutrients give your body the vital vitamins, minerals, and hydration it needs to combat the heat. Fruits and vegetables also include healthy substances like phytoestrogens, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory agents. These compounds contribute to the body’s defence in a number of ways.

Cucumber: Since cucumbers contain more than 90% water, they’re a great food to eat when it’s hot outside in the summer. Cucumbers are said by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to promote hydration and help control body temperature. Cucumbers also include vitamin K and antioxidants, both of which support healthy skin.

Bottle gourd: sometimes referred to as lauki, is a summertime favourite in Indian cooking. It is a cooling and hydrating food due to its high water content, according to studies. Lauki is also high in minerals, fibre, vitamins C and B, and other nutrients that are essential for digestion and overall health.

Bitter gourd: Indeed, kadva karela is a mainstay of summertime meals and is well-known for its purifying qualities. According to research, bitter gourd has antioxidants that promote liver function and fight free radicals. Karela is a beneficial vegetable to ianclude in your summer diet because of its health benefits, which include boosting immunity and aiding with digestion, despite its bitter taste.

Bell peppers: You may maintain your health and vitality throughout the summer by include bell peppers in your diet. Vitamins C and A, which are essential for immune system support and healthy skin, are abundant in these peppers. Additionally, they provide antioxidants that lower inflammation and fight free radicals.

Tomatoes: A summertime staple, tomatoes can be used in a variety of recipes, including salads, juices, salsas, and many others. Lycopene, an antioxidant found in this delicious vegetable, may lower the incidence of chronic illnesses. Vitamins A and C are also found in tomatoes, which help to maintain healthy skin and strengthen immunity.