5 Incredible Benefits Of Summertime Water From Earthen Pots

Drinking water that has been kept cold in earthen pots has many advantages.

Benefits Of Drinking Water From Earthen Pots

Cooling Properties

Water stored in clay pots retains its inherent cooling qualities. The natural cooling properties of the earthen pots ensure that the water remains cool throughout the day, even in rising temperatures. Earthen pots have minute holes on their surface that allow heat to escape when the water evaporates.

Natural Filter

Clay pots not only keep water colder but also aid in purifying and sanitising it so it’s safe to drink. Poisons and contaminants are naturally eliminated from water stored in earthenware containers by making their way through the tiny pores in the clay.

Boost Metabolism

Numerous studies have demonstrated that drinking water from clay or earthen pots can speed up metabolism. Drinking water from clay pots improves hormone balance in the body and aids with digestion.

Alkaline Nature

Clay pots maintain the pH balance of the body and help with better digestion of acidic foods because they are inherently alkaline. Using terracotta pots to hold water can help avoid digestive problems.

Prevents Heatstroke

Another significant benefit is that drinking water from earthen pots helps prevent heatstroke. They reduce the acidity of the water and prevent digestive issues like bloating and constipation by preserving a pH equilibrium. Using a clay pot to store water helps prevent heat stroke because it keeps vital minerals and nutrients in the water and promotes hydration.