5 Cool Summertime Drinks To Beat The Hot, From Aam Panna To Herbal Tea

Make it a priority to include healthy options in your summer meals, whether it’s beautiful salads full of colourful veggies and lush greens or delectable fruit smoothies loaded with vitamins.

Herbal tea and fruit-infused drinks: Staying hydrated is essential, so keep drinking water, herbal teas, and fruit-infused natural drinks all day long.

Aam panna juice: Rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, aam panna’s sweet and tart flavour makes it a delightful way to eat raw mangoes. They aid in digestion and strengthen immunity in addition to helping the body stay cool and well hydrated in order to combat the heat.

Buttermilk: The age-old beverage has been endorsed by Ayurveda as the perfect summertime libation because it’s not only hydrating but also a fantastic source of probiotics that can improve intestinal health. In addition to aiding with digestion, it is high in calcium and promotes bone health.

Smoothies: This summer, are you not in the mood for parathas or poha? Smoothies may be the only thing you need to solve your breakfast problems. You can enjoy the benefits of seasonal fruits and dried fruits to fuel your body every day by using a different combination.

Sabja in lemon water: This is a great way to provide your body the vital micronutrients it needs. Simply soak the sabja seeds overnight and drink the resulting liquid. This beverage, which is high in antioxidants, vitamin C, and fibre, is a great way to increase your energy. It has a fantastic nutrient profile, can help chill the body, and aid with digestion.