5 characteristics of a successful entrepreneur from the perspective of Mehdi Moslehi

1. Positive perspective

A positive outlook is the key to turning ideas into actionable plans and implementing them. A positive view of the situation provides the ground for innovation and problem solving and releases inner energy. Entrepreneurship is difficult, and if negative views dominate the mind, it stops with the first obstacle. Always be careful with your mind and do not let your spirits get in the way of negative thoughts. Realism is necessary, but considering the obstacles is very different from having a union view. To stay positive, women entrepreneurs choose those around them from among optimistic people.

2. Overcome obstacles

Surveys show that in the United States, 70% of start-ups are liquidated due to the inability of their managers to solve problems in the first three years. However, the liquidation rate of companies founded by women is lower than other companies.

3. high self-confidence

Being strong and confident does not mean being destructive or bold. Conversely, self-confidence and strength mean building and moving in the right direction. When a person has a true and positive mental image of himself and is responsible, his entrepreneurial spirit is stronger and others work with him with more trust and confidence.

4. A sense of helping others

Research shows that women are more likely than men to influence others by helping them. The desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others is one of the most important characteristics of successful women entrepreneurs and is a high motivation for their economic activities.

5. Honesty

You certainly do not have to make sacrifices to succeed. You do not have to step on the shoulders of others to step up. Men feel more negative competition than women. Acting and avoiding dishonest practices are common among women entrepreneurs, especially in Asia. This factor inspires a sense of trust in other companies; Because everyone wants to work with people who are honest and trustworthy.