5 Benefits Of Drinking Bael Fruit Juice During Summer To Treat Constipation

Constipation is a common issue that is typically brought on by dehydration, inactivity, and a diet low in fibre. Constipation can occasionally also be brought on by certain medications and medical problems. Less than three bowel motions in a week or trouble passing stool are indicative of constipation.

Bael juice relieves constipation because of its high fibre content and natural laxative qualities, which ease discomfort in the digestive system and promote regular bowel movements.

5 Unknown benefits of drinking bael juice for constipation

Top 5 benefits of drinking bael juice to alleviate constipation in the summer, from clearing the digestive tract to reducing inflammation.

1. Rich in Dietary Fiber

Dietary fibre, which is abundant in bael juice, is crucial for preventing constipation and maintaining a healthy digestive system. By absorbing water, beel juice facilitates more frequent bowel movements by making it simpler to pass the stool. By consuming bael juice, you can promote easy bowel motions and avoid constipation.

2. Gentle on the Digestive System

Bael juice is a mild remedy that supports the body’s natural digestive system without posing any risks or encouraging indulgence. This juice improves the intestines and facilitates the easy transit of faeces, acting as a natural laxative.

3. Soothing Digestive Tract Inflammation

Because constipation can result in pain and stiffness in the digestive tract, bael juice’s anti-inflammatory qualities aid in relieving digestive system discomfort. This juice’s cooling properties help to soothe and lessen stiffness and irritation in the stomach lining.

4. Cleansing the Digestive System

Bael juice also functions as a digestive tract cleanser by encouraging optimal system function and reducing the likelihood of constipation reoccurring. This juice improves general digestive health by lowering toxins and waste products, which contributes to the purification of the digestive tract.

5. Promotes Hydration

Bael juice has a high water content, which helps the body stay hydrated—a crucial aspect of preventing constipation. Consequently, it softens the stool and facilitates its simple passage through the intestines.

How to Use Bael Juice For Constipation

Drinking one glass of fresh juice every day, especially on an empty stomach, keeps you hydrated and helps relieve constipation. You may also use one teaspoon of honey with the juice for additional health benefits.