4 tips to improve your online business – with Jason Hsu

Today, companies, even small and medium-sized ones, have many tools, online platforms and technological innovations to effectively promote their local business, make themselves known, find more and more customers and keep in touch with them.

Jason, successful entrepreneur based in US, is the co-founder of KryptoGO USA, a SaaS provider for affordable and lightweight KYC/AML solutions.

Currently does product marketing at BitMart, a crypto exchange that operates in the US. In charge of token listings and their life cycles.

He also conducts live interviews with project founders or CEOs andruns marketing campaigns for each project/token to get existing/new users excited.

Jason explains, everything is social, everything is smart. Consequently, the way of doing business and promoting it has changed and is constantly evolving: you need to adapt, take advantage of every opportunity for growth at national and international level, anticipate the competition.

Study and propose targeted and personalized offers.

On the web you can have a huge amount of data that, carefully analyzed, allows you to know the interests, needs and requirements of potential customers. In this way,then, it is possible to foresee and structure ad hoc offers of products and services that allow to conquer the prospects online.

Create new business relationships.

Thanks to the Internet, an entrepreneur can get in touch with other entrepreneurs, establishing relationships functional to the growth and development of his company.

Offer an online support service.

Today customers express ideas and opinions about products or services on the web and on social networks. It is essential, therefore, for a company to monitor these behaviors, respond to doubts and questions and offer solutions, creating a valuable relationship that leads to new purchases.

Expand your business abroad.

Businesses have endless possibilities for internationalization thanks to the web. One of them? Electronic commerce. By equipping itself with an e-commerce site, a company can start export activities with targeted investments and low costs.

Web marketing offers companies the opportunity to reach new customers, increase sales and become more competitive on the market. To grow your local business, however, it is essential to increase these activities with a social media marketing strategy. Many business owners are unaware that by leveraging social media, their company can achieve some interesting marketing goals.

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