4 creative marketing ideas that can help boost a business, as per Cory Muroff

4 creative marketing ideas that can help boost a business, as per Cory Muroff

There are natural laws and fundamental principles that govern every aspect of our life. From causes to effects, beginnings to ends – everything results from how these immutable principles interact. There are fundamental laws that govern the world of business too. They may have a different name but are the same fundamentally. The two unshakable pillars of success in business are building trust and exceeding customer expectations. They have served traditional businesses just as much as they will serve the new and emerging business of e-commerce. In fact, social media expert Cory Muroff believes that they are most essential to building an e-commerce business that is loved and respected and hence entitled to a long life.

Cory has been involved in the business of setting up successful online shops for almost a decade now. He had the vantage point of seeing changes develop in the e-commerce sector. He says, “I have built several online businesses. From selling men’s clothing to women’s accessories, I have seen two things that are common across the business – the need to build trust in the customer and the need to provide unparalleled quality that often exceeds customer expectations. Although I value the need for marketing and advertising substantially, the buck stops at the product you actually sell and not the one you promise to sell.”

For Cory, the need to be transparent and have one’s head on one’s shoulders is of prime importance not only when building an online presence but in maintaining it alike. He believes that the rise in customer knowledge and engagement, thanks to the internet, have made it tantamount for e-commerce business owners to value their customer’s knowledge and judgment more than ever. He adds, “A brand that’s serious about what it does, values what it communicates to its customers. They value their customer’s opinions and know that if the customer doesn’t get value for money, there will be dire consequences. Thus, the relationship must be built on mutual trust. The customer who chooses your brand from a barrage of options out there must be treated with respect. They have resonated with your product, and it’s that sense of bond that must be inculcated over time.”

Apart from building trust, Cory also believes in exceeding customer expectations. “It’s the best way to generate a positive buzz around your product,” he says. E-commerce business is thriving. Needless to say, those who wish to capitalize on it must obey the time-tested rules that have enabled generational success to traditional business.

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