3 Most Popular Cocktails You Can Mix at Home

3 Most Popular Cocktails You Can Mix at Home

After a stressful day at work, others would usually go for a nice drink of alcohol to relax their senses and fall asleep faster. However, some prefer to drink alcohol because they love alcohol and not because they need a pain reliever. Instead of drinking beer or wine alone, you should try creating cocktails instead. 

A cocktail is one of the most famous drinks because it usually mixes in different spirits with other ingredients to create a very distinct flavour that no other alcohol can achieve. Back then, cocktails were even used to cure sickness. Before you contact online liquor stores like Bevmart to send your drinks, make sure to learn more about the different cocktail mixes. 

  1. Apple Martini

You may have heard about martini in spy movies since it is considered a luxurious drink. Although, just because it is a luxurious drink does not mean that you cannot make it in the comfort of your home. You should know that the apple martini has a slight twist compared to the usual dry martini. 

Usually, people mix in vodka instead of gin as the cocktail’s base and add apple schnapps to give off a sweet and sour hint. After mixing the vodka and apple schnapps, it is finally topped off with a slice of apple and lemon juice. If you want to drink a cocktail without tasting too much bitterness, the appletini is the right one. 

  1. Long Island Iced Tea

First-timers usually confuse long island iced tea as a non-alcoholic drink because of how they look. Its appearance is deceiving, especially if you have no idea that long island iced teas have different liquors mixed in. It is one cocktail drink that never goes out of style and one that you can usually find people who go to the beach. 

The long island iced tea consists of tequila, vodka, rum, triple sec, and gin mixed in with lemon juice or sweet and sour cola. You should know that it does not have tea in the drink, but the overall ingredients used, specifically the cola, gives off the taste of tea with more flavour than your usual iced tea. 

  1. Pina Colada

You might have heard about the word Pina Colada in Rupert Holmes’ The Piña Colada Song. It is considered a tropical cocktail with a unique taste and looks. What makes the pina colada stand out is it looks more like a smoothie than a cocktail drink. It is the perfect beverage choice for people looking to get a beach vibe when they drink it. 

The pina colada usually consists of coconut milk, pineapple juice, and rum. However, the drink leans more on the sweet, smoothie-tasting side than the alcoholic since rum is the only alcohol found in the cocktail. The taste will depend on whether you mix in more of the coconut milk and pineapple juice or the rum. 

The cocktails mentioned above are some of the hundreds of cocktail mixes that you have yet to discover. You need to note that the mix alcoholic will only go well whenever you have high-quality alcohol from well-known online beverage stores like Bevmart. Buying liquor online is the safest and most effective method nowadays, ever since the pandemic happened. You can never be too complacent when going to a store filled with hundreds of people looking to buy alcohol.

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