22-Year-Old Franklin Seeber’s Inspirational Journey to Building a Massively Successful YouTube Channel Dedicated to Animals

In the grand scheme of things, his ADHD was viewed as a setback, he struggled in school, and it was often referenced. However, that didn’t deter a determined Franklin Seeber, in fact, this turned out to be an advantage in chasing and fulfilling his dream.

Seeber turned his weakness into a strength, all within his 22 years of life so far. Following his passion of fishing and caring for animals, he started creating videos. At first, the videos were meant as a time capsule of sorts until he decided to dip both feet into YouTube and make a career of it.

Combining both his passions has seen Seeber stand as an award-winning YouTuber with millions of subscribers tuning in to his content. Within his first year on YouTube, he had snagged his first 100k subscribers and got a plaque for it.

The sky was the limit from that point as he has worked continuously to grow his reach and better the content and quality of his videos. He reached 1 million subscribers on YouTube shortly after earning the plaque for 100,000 subscribers.

ADHD is often viewed as a setback to many people experiencing it. However, Franklin is proof that you can turn any obstacle into an advantage, you just need to identify where your passions lie and chase them with relentless drive.

Through his YouTube channel and huge reach, Franklin is able to educate millions on how to properly care for animals. He says it is also a learning experience for him as he is still discovering new things.

Franklin has mentioned that he decided to create YouTube videos so that he could document his experiences with animals. Even at a young age, he is an inspiration to more than half a billion viewers. He has highlighted the beauty that lies outdoors and nudges people to get in touch with nature and animals in a more endearing way.

Seeber details that one of the perks of his job is that he has a forever record of things he has done and learned. He is immensely motivated by watching his videos and reliving memories. It also shows him how far he has come and validates his grand dreams.

Following in Franklin’s example, other people may see weakness in you but these could be your strengths, an asset that you can turn into success. Chase your dreams and believe in your capabilities. For Seeber, this is just the beginning. Where he goes from here will be interesting to see.