21 Surprisingly Better-Tasting Foods When Frozen

On hot days, cold foods are refreshing, but the selection of cool dishes is limited. Take control of the situation by freezing some items that you might not normally consider. These options are not only delicious and revitalising, but they may also end up being your go-to method for consuming these fruits, snacks, and sweets. These are 21 dishes that, oddly enough, taste better cold.


When compared to other sauces, applesauce freezes surprisingly well. However, have you ever tried freezing it before? There are two ways to go about this. When you’re ready for a frozen treat, let a cup of sauce thaw in the freezer for a few minutes and enjoy. Alternatively, you can place spoonfuls onto a sheet coated with parchment paper and freeze them to make bite-sized portions.


Since frozen bananas tend to be a little bit sweeter than regular bananas, some people like them for their texture, while others like them for their flavour. These are the reasons we enjoy frozen bananas, along with the fact that they are frequently coated in crunchy nuts and dipped in luscious chocolate.


When you want a cool, refreshing snack, just pull out your frozen blueberries from the carton or get the pre-frozen kind. If that seems too healthful for you, you may add a little sugar to the blueberries to make them sweeter.


Try it before you judge it: Eating frozen cheesecake is similar to indulging in a delicious ice cream cake due to its creamy texture. (Alternatively, you could chop the cake into little cubes.) If you decide not to eat the cheesecake frozen, you can store it securely in the freezer. Simply let it thaw and proceed with your usual method of enjoying cake.


In fact, there are instances when it’s absolutely necessary to store chocolate in the refrigerator or freezer to prevent melting during the summer. Sometimes we just want to because there’s something so wonderful about cold chocolate melting in your tongue. Even some chocolate varieties, including Ghirardelli squares, Dove squares, and Hershey’s Kisses, are kept only in the freezer.

Chocolate chip cookies

On this one, you’ll just have to have faith in us. Store some chocolate cookies in the freezer for a few hours after your next batch of cookies is baked. After that, you can either microwave them for a little while, let them out for a few minutes, or eat them right away—all of which are quite tasty choices.


This fruit is ideal for freezing because to its small size and high water content. Try utilising this technique: Peel a clementine, freeze the pieces for the entire night, then allow them to defrost for two hours at room temperature, and you’ll have a delicious treat that tastes like orange sorbet. Do you want to go farther with it? Toss the little pieces in chocolate and freeze.

Girl Scout Cookies

Because they are all on the thin side and don’t solidify into rocks, almost all Girl Scout cookie varieties taste better when frozen. We believe this is because they are the ideal size for the freezer. While many people vouch for frozen Thin Mints, we also think that Peanut Butter Patties, also known as Tagalongs, and Caramel deLites, sometimes known as Samoas, make excellent freezer alternatives.


Similar to bananas, grapes get sweeter when frozen. Additionally, the high water content gives the inside a slushy consistency, which makes them a cool—as well as healthful—snack for warm weather. (They are also useful for chilling wine without diluting it.)

Candy bears

They wholeheartedly concur with the TikTok users who started urging their followers to freeze gummy bears. If you place them in the freezer for the full night, they will solidify and acquire a completely different texture. Though you shouldn’t believe everything you see on TikTok, the influencers got it exactly right this time.

iceberg lettuce

It’s possible that you’ve been told not to freeze iceberg lettuce since it doesn’t freeze properly. We will advise against it, but the key is to consume the lettuce while it’s still frozen. Simply chop off the outer leaves and core, place the head in four wedges, freeze for thirty to one hundred and twenty minutes, then drizzle with dressing and eat!

Key lime pie

Since many people are now aware that key lime pie tastes best when it is chilled overnight in the freezer, there are a tonne of frozen key lime pie recipes available online. This can be used for individual mini-pies or full-sized pies.


Mango is another fruit that tastes great frozen. This makes sense because it’s naturally a soft meal, so freezing it adds a little depth. Just make sure that before freezing, you cut the mango and place the pieces on a tray. Once you’re prepared to consume them, lightly coat them with some lime juice!


Marshmallows freeze well and defrost easily, making the freezer a great way to keep them fresh. However, it doesn’t happen very often in our kitchen since it’s so tempting to consume the marshmallows while they’re still little, delicious delights.

Patties with peppermint flavour

Although peppermint is already fairly awesome, freezing a peppermint patty can transform your mouth into Hoth (apart from the Rebel base and tauntauns). Furthermore, frozen chocolate is usually an excellent option, as we’ve already mentioned.


Not very long ago, a dessert “hack” that involves freezing custard went viral. In a nutshell, you take a single, sealed pudding cup (of your choosing), stick a spoon straight through the lid, and freeze the entire thing. When it’s finished, you may remove your handcrafted, creamy popsicle and eat it, leading you to believe that pudding tastes best when it’s frozen.


Raspberries become mushy and lose their original form when frozen and thawed. The raspberries will melt in your tongue along with the ice if you eat them straight from the freezer rather than thawing them.

Peanut Butter Cups from Reese’s

To be honest, we’ve always found the consistency of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to be peculiar. The peanut butter interior is so juicy that the bottom frequently adheres to the wrapper, and the chocolate coating is so thin that it melts soon. All of this can be resolved by freezing a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, which is why we immediately freeze every one we purchase.

The Three Musketeers

When it comes to freezing candy bars, you have a lot of alternatives. However, the deep, caramel-filled interiors of some bars, like Snickers and Milky Way, solidify when frozen. You could, of course, just keep them in the freezer a little while longer. Alternatively, you might go for a Three Musketeers bar, whose fluffy, light nougat centre freezes to the ideal consistency.


Watermelon is best used for smoothies and sorbets after it has been frozen, as it will become mushy when thawed. Our method? The watermelon cubes or slices will melt in your mouth like popsicles if you freeze them for an hour or two (you’ll have to experiment depending on your freezer and the size of the pieces).


Of course! Given that it’s already widely available in most ice cream shops and supermarket freezer aisles, frozen yoghurt is an obvious choice for our list. Additionally, you may prepare it at home by freezing yoghurt! You can freeze yoghurt tubes to produce a frozen treat that kids will love. You may freeze plain yoghurt, flavoured yoghurt, fruit-filled yoghurt, and Greek yoghurt.