17 year old makes the next big thing in Bangladesh Home Academy BD Skill Sharing Platform.

17 year old makes the next big thing in Bangladesh Home Academy BD Skill Sharing Platform.

Home Academy is an online platform targeting to create a vast library of online courses in a much simpler and organized way. 

Soon it will be launching its website where one can easily get access to any only online courses focusing on developing their skills in various categories such as creative art, design, fashion, music, entrepreneurship and other subcategories.

The website has 5 sections free videos, paid courses, storytelling, mentorship & also home community. Paid courses are done by the experts in their departments even if it is paid they said they will make it free for the underprivileged people or who don’t have family support they just need to email the website with proof.

The founder of Home Academy, Taha Masud who is a young teen of Bangladesh wishes to help youth to discover and explore their passion. When he started he faced a lot of trouble learning online and he felt the urges to have an online platform combining all the courses one must need to follow their passion.

Right now he and his teams are trying to reach all the contributors throughout the nation who are willing to provide courses for his website.

Taha Masud thinks his website will also put a huge impact on Bangladesh’s economy.

Lastly he said:

“We share together, we grow together”

Media Contact Information:

Name: Taha

Email: [email protected]





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