10 best places to visit in Madhya Pradesh during Monsoon

Dhauandhar Falls:

Tumbling from a level of 30 meters, Dhuandhar Falls is an entrancing sight that one can see on River Narmada. Offering a great vista as River Narmada navigates the marble rocks and cascades down, delivering fog, Dhuandhar Falls is a must-visit place of interest in Madhya Pradesh in June. A most loved spot to hang out for occupants in and around Bhopal and Indore, Dhuandhar Falls will charm you with white variety causes an entrancing situation. The phenomenal wealth of Dhuandhar Falls can be best seen during nightfall from the survey stages built across the cascade. you are searching for a late spring place in Madhya Pradesh to partake in a peaceful cookout with your loved ones, Patalpani Falls is the spot to be!


Giving lovely vistas of the dawn and nightfall, Dhoopgarh is famous as the most prominent pinnacles of the Satpura range. Prominent among the travelers who long for a venture through verdant valleys and hypnotizing overflows, Dhoopgarh offers sparkling regular excellence. In the event that you are searching for a spot to sit back, unwind or catch a few staggering perspectives on your camera, Dhoopgarh is quite possibly of the best objective that you really want to visit this monsoon in Madhya Pradesh.

Sanchi Stupa:

With a rich past related with Sanchi, this city in Raisen locale in Madhya Pradesh is most certainly not to be missed on your excursion. Accepted to have raised in the third century BCE, the structure was developed it the rule of the extraordinary ruler Ashoka of the Maurya Dynasty and is perhaps of the most excellent Buddhist sanctum in India. Sanchi Stupa is encircled by religious communities and Toranas (an unsupported elaborate or curved entryway) that offer a lovely profound encounter to all voyagers. Likewise, ensure you come over at the remarkable Archeological Museum around here.

Ken Gharial Sanctuary:

You can visit Ken Gharial Sanctuary while heading to Raneh Waterfalls and experience a tranquil relief from the clamor of day to day existence. Thriving with green landscapes with profound gullies, entrancing fountains and picturesque fields, Ken Gharial Sanctuary is a pictorial spot that you should visit on your next outing to Madhya Pradesh in June.

State-Tribal Museum:

Find the mysteries of the social city of Bhopal with a visit to the State-Tribal Museum. Catching your eye with different novel contributions in plain view, this city historical center is known for its all around kept up with and fascinating themed displays showing ancestral way of life. The display is generally popular for exhibiting the different lifestyles of the tribals in the area through their specialty and artworks. State-Tribal Museum offers an intriguing assortment of charming exhibitions that depict the ancestral way of life.

Orccha Nature Reserve:

One of the notable tourist places in Madhya Pradesh in June, Orchha Nature Reserve is a wonderful retreat to become one with nature. Homestead to jeopardized species, Orchha Nature Reserve is a beautiful retreat where you can track down an assortment of untamed life. Prestigious for exhibiting assorted greenery, Orchha Nature Reserve will offer you much-required break from the buzzing about of life to loosen up in the serenity of nature. Besides, the provincial environs of Orchha Nature Reserve make it a reviving escape to delight in the luxury of nature.

Bee Falls:

Recognized among the most entrancing spots to visit in Madhya Pradesh in June, Bee Falls is a renowned fascination in Pachmarhi station. Tumbling from a level of 35 m, Bee Falls offers a striking perspective that will blow your mind. Taking you nearer to the serenity of nature, Bee Falls is a visual treat for nature sweethearts, particularly during monsoon.

Patalpani Falls;

Gear up for a calm break with a get-away to Patalpani Falls, on your next outing to Madhya Pradesh in June. According to the fantasy related with the falls, the profundity of the fountain is uncertain and it is viewed as that it runs as profound as the hidden world. This less popular spot is likewise a delightful climbing spot for adventurous people and nature lovers; as it offers a radiant thing of beauty, particularly in June. On the off chance that you are searching for a storm place in Madhya Pradesh to partake in a peaceful cookout with your loved ones, Patalpani Falls is the spot to be!

Pandev Caves:

Exhibiting a complex scene of nature, Pandav Caves is a captivating sight that you can see in the space of Pipariya, Madhya Pradesh. Pandav Caves are accepted to be the spot of home for Pandav siblings during the hour of their expulsion in the Mahabharata. The five old caverns are an enthralling sight, gives a tomfoolery visit insight to those intrigued by mythology.


Ralamandal is an unspoiled objective among other summer objections to visit in Madhya Pradesh in June; adept for natural life fans and nature sweethearts, who need to get away from the chaos of city life. Situated in nearness to Indore, Ralamandal is quite possibly of the most entertaining spot, ideal for finding nature in Madhya Pradesh. Enclosing an area of more than 3.5 sq.km of beautiful scenes, Ralamandal is a phenomenal spot to detect different fascinating creatures like a panther, sambhar, blackbuck, and so on.